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If you are an InReach high-speed DSL customer, you can contact support at:

Phone: (866) 416-0998

(If you don't have InReach DSL service, but are an old InReach customer with email only or domain hosting, contact SiteStar at 888-271-9672.)


DSL Help

My DSL connection is down. What should I do?

If you can't go to any web sites or check email, there's a possibility your DSL connection to us has dropped. Look at the DSL modem box that the dsl phone line is plugged into. Depending on the make and model, it should have a WAN or DSL light that is on and solid when the DSL connection is active. You can try resetting the DSL modem by simply unplugging the power cord (or turning off the power button) and plugging it back in to re-power it. After a minute or two, the DSL or WAN light should become solid if the connection is being made.

Most DSL modems also have a small reset button on the back. Be careful NOT to accidentally press on this - if you do for several seconds it may reset the modem to its factory defaults, meaning you'll need help from us to reconfigure it.

If you've repowered your DSL modem and the DSL or WAN light does not come on solidly, verify that it is plugged into the wall jack securely with a phone line. Verify that this jack has dialtone by trying a telephone on the jack. Verify that all other phones or faxes in your home or office on this same phone number have DSL filters. Finally, make sure there is no filter on the line going from the jack to your DSL modem. If you have a DSL splitter filter on the jack, try bypassing it and plugging directly in to the wall to see if that fixes it.

If you DSL modem's DSL or WAN light is solid and you still can't get online, check the connection between your PC and the DSL modem. Normally, this is connected with an "ethernet" or "network" patch cable which looks like a fat phone cable. If connected properly, the DSL modem should have a solid light on the LAN or Ethernet indicator. If it doesn't, you may try rebooting your PC. Check your PC's wireless connection settings if you connect to your DSL modem wirelessly.


Email Settings
Your email setup depends on the domain (the part after the @ sign) that you use for email. In general, your setup for Outlook, Windows Mail or similar email clients is:

Account Name: Your full email address (i.e.
Password: Your email password
Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: mail.yourdomain (i.e. or
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: same as the Incoming Server
Be sure to check the box that says "My server requires authentication", but do not check any boxes related to "secure passwords".

To check your email through Webmail, click the Webmail link on the left.

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